Spray Away Stubborn Stains

Extreme Clean offers power spraying in Temple, TX

Life has a way of making messes all over your floors, walls and even the ceiling. Fortunately, power washing is a great way to clean it all off. Let Extreme Clean Inc. tackle the dirt and grime of everyday life.

Our crew has the tools and experience necessary to clean your floors, driveways and other surfaces deeply. We employ power spraying techniques that clean deep while protecting your surfaces.

Make your living spaces look like new. Hire us for power washing services anywhere in the Temple, TX region.

We're always looking for great employees

We're always looking for great employees

Do you have experience with power spraying? Extreme Clean is looking to expand its Temple, TX team!

We only hire the best of the best and perform background checks on our employees so clients can be confident in who they've hired. If you have the skills and background for power washing service, call us today at 254-770-0008. We would love to hear from you!